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NinteNex Rules Empty NinteNex Rules

Post by ADMRL on Thu Nov 12, 2015 12:52 am

Members should check rules regularly as rules may be updated without notice. I ask that you all follow the rules and Guidelines of our site or be Permanently Banned!

NinteNex Rules
All posts must be written in English this is a English forum.
We ask you to respect other members as this rule can help make our forum a great place to be.
our forum will not to be used to either spam or abuse others or to conduct any illegal activity.
No repeated cursing, profanity, or expressions of bigotry. Attempts to bypass the word filter, or to disguise inappropriate content through the use of different characters does not negate the intended action. Upon violation of this rule, moderators may warn or discipline the member. The violated post may be edited, deleted, or moderated without prior notice.
Members are not to stalk, abuse, intimidate,troll, Flame,  or spam other members of our community, Also, there is zero tolerance for pornography, nudity, indecency, or sexually predatory behavior. any violation of this will be permanently banned and their IP address blocked.
Members should not bump old threads without content pertaining to that topic.

please do not advertise on our forum, You may post a link in your signature.

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