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Pokemon Sun and Moon Arriving in Late 2016


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Pokemon Sun and Moon Arriving in Late 2016

Post by ADMRL on Sat Feb 27, 2016 3:42 am

Its no big secret Nintendo has released a new Pokemon direct revealing the next gen Pokemon game(pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.)

If you have missed the Pokemon Nintendo Direct it will be Below. (Pokemon Direct 2.26.2016)

A little quote from IGN

Nintendo also announced the Virtual Console versions of the original Pokemon games will now allow for Pokemon transfers. In other words, Pokemon caught or traded in Red, Yellow, and Blue versions on the 3DS Virtual Console will be transferable to new iterations of the games, including Sun and Moon, via the Pokebank.
Transfers from Gameboy to Gameboy Advance and higher were not previously available. While this means the Mewtwo of your childhood will remain forever encased in the plastic prison of your original Gameboy cart, you can now recapture and train one to bring into the modern era.

I hope everyone is hyped for the game as we are, Further details about the game getting closer to the holidays will be updated here. Meanwhile why not watch the teaser trailer for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon below video by IGN.


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