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Why are you still into YuGiOh?

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Why are you still into YuGiOh? Empty Why are you still into YuGiOh?

Post by Lightning on Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:38 am

I got into it to play with my brother & meet new people. But over time it started to be nothing like how the show depicts it. I got out of playing YGO a long time ago & I haven't looked back. I got out because I didn't like how some of the guys were more competitive after I sat down to play against them then when I first met them. I didn't like the whole feeling that I got that I'd meet nice Mr Jekyll when talking about cards with them, then I did when I sat with them & actually won a duel against them & then they turned into nasty Mr Clyde. No thank you. Personally, I'm glad to have gotten out of playing YGO when I did.

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