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Plants vs Zombies garden warfare: Sunflower guide


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Plants vs Zombies garden warfare: Sunflower guide

Post by ADMRL on Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:36 am

Plants Vs Zombies garden warfare: How to use Sunflower?

Health: 100Abilities: Heal beam, Sunbeam, Heal Flower
Attack: Sun pulse (6-7crit base attack per hit)

Sunflower is a support type plant for the plants team, as adorable as she seems shes not to be looked over, her biggest strength is her allies. Sunflowers are certainly needed for gardens and graveyard victories, Sunflower has the fastest base speed on her team and that comes in handy for her to quickly get to her team mates to revive them, Sunflower also has the fastest revive speed of her team.

How to use sunflower?

When your entire team is surrounded by zombies the best option for sunflower is to stop focusing on the enemies and focus more on constantly reviving and healing your team mates, reviving all fo your team mates will provide much needed support to properly defend your gardens.

Its best to stay in the green light near the back end of the garden and let your team mates handle most of the vanquishing while you stay behind supporting them. Never go out into enemy territory as a sunflower, it can cause your team to lose as they need you to help keep the team healed and balanced.

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