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Post by ADMRL on Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:15 am

what is Nintenex.com?
Nintenex is a Nintendo fan community made up of all types of Gamers, The site build around the connection between Gamers and like minded people. Nintenex.com is not only a community its a great place to just hangout and have fun. The have simple rules here and if followed it can be a pretty fun place.

Update and other info:
Its Nearly complete Nintenex.com has been through a major update. I wanted to completely change the way the forum looks and how it runs. I didn't want my forum to be generic and be like other Nintendo forums, I decided to make the forum alot more community based to make it easier for like minded people to game and share together, the aim of the forum is aiming for the connection between gamers and like minded people alike.

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